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See what’s new: Synchro REPLAY with Moveo Technology

It’s Here! Synchro REPLAY with Moveo Technology

The World’s Most Powerful Alexandrite Laser System is Now at Perfect Body Laser!

What happens when you combine speed, power and versatility into one laser system? You get a revolutionary advancement in the world of laser treatment: Synchro REPLAY with Moveo Technology.

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Perfect Laser Acne Removal Body Treatments

Say Good-Bye to Scars and Breakouts with Laser Acne Removal Therapy

Smooth Out Your Skin and Gain Your Confidence Back with Acne Laser Resurfacing!

First impressions can leave a permanent mark on your identity. And the first thing people notice about you is—your skin!

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Laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution for smooth, sexy skin!

Perfect Body Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal is a Win Across the Board!

Shaving, Waxing, Plucking—They Don’t Compare To The Long-Term Results of Laser Therapy!

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Summer Skincare: Sunblock vs. Sunscreen and Everything In Between!

Summer Skincare: Sunblock vs. Sunscreen and Everything In Between!

The Long-and-Short-Term Benefits of Skin Protection (And Why You Should Care).

What if I told you that the secret to long-lasting skin beauty is NOT found in the tan you’ve been chasing...

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Loose Skin Weighing Down Your Confidence?

Loose Skin Weighing Down Your Confidence?

Firm-up your problem areas with our laser skin tightening treatment

It’s event season and that can leave us feeling a little self-conscious about some of our wobbly bits.

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Waxing or Perfect Body Laser Hair Removal

Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

The Pros and Cons: What’s the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair?

The summer season is about to kickoff. Have you shed your “winter coat” yet?

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A Relaxed & discreet Atmosphere Awaits you at Perfect Body Laser.

Perfect Body Laser Has Enhanced Our Facility!

Laser Therapy has a new standard of excellence—it’s our luxurious State-of-the-Art Facility in Bay Shore, NY!

Enjoy a peaceful escape while you rejuvenate your body and restore a more youthful, confident you!

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CoolSculpting laser fat removal for a Perfect Body!

What Is CoolSculpting?

A non-surgical, laser fat removal solution that freezes away fatty cells—for good!

Although diet and exercise help control weight and lessen the impact of excess body fat, it won’t guarantee that flawless perfect body image that we all deserve.

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Mothers Stretch Mark Removal Spider Veins

Motherhood Leaves Its Mark: Stretch Mark Removal

How to Eliminate Stretch Marks and Spider Veins, Fast and Painlessly!

Being a mother is the best gift in the world. But the mark it leaves on your body, not so much.

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Skin Damage: Age Spots, Wrinkles and Collagen Loss – Oh My!

Skin Damage: Age Spots, Wrinkles and Collagen Loss – Oh My!

Laser Skin Discoloration Correction and Skin Rejuvenation can help shave years off your look

When it comes to sporting a youthful summer glow, one may assume that basking on the sunny shore with your tanning oil and beach blanket is the key to radiant-looking skin. But that would be a big mistake!

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Blast Cellulite Away For Good!

Got Cellulite? You’re not alone!

Blast Away Those Fatty Deposits With Our Laser Cellulite Removal Treatment

Alright, ladies - shake what your mama gave you! For some of us, it’s our sexy curves, for others a great smile, but for most it’s cellulite.

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Slim, Tighten and Tone Those Problem Areas In Time For Summer

Frustrated with Your Bikini Body?

Slim, Tighten and Tone Those Problem Areas In Time For Summer!

Bikini season is about to start on Long Island. That means, more time at the shore and more ways to show off your best beach body. But are you ready to dive-in to your sexiest swimsuit with no cover up and nothing but confidence?

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