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Non-Surgical Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is a simple, effective way to make your teeth look magnificent again! With a non-laser, light activated tooth whitening/bleaching gel, the teeth whitening service at Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is extremely effective at removing tough stains that have resisted other methods. Results are quick, often within an hour. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics can provide you with a safe, satisfying teeth whitening experience. We also offer take-home maintenance products.

At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics we use non-invasive techniques which are precisely tailored to meet a client's specific needs and desires. WE DO NOT HAVE A ONE-SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION like other providers. In fact, we often combine the best technologies to achieve optimal results. At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics, client satisfaction is our bottom line, because we care about our clients looking and feeling better. We take extreme pride in being a part of that positive change!

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