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About Us

Thank you for visiting Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics®. Please take a few moments to educate yourself about who we are and what makes us different, you'll be glad you did.

With over 35,000 clients and a national demonstration of excellence in the industry, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® in Bay Shore, NY has become the industry standard for safe, effective, and award-winning laser skin care treatments in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. 

By providing expert care and excellence in client results, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® has been the recipient of the prestigious Solta Medical Black Diamond Award, establishing us as the #1 provider of Thermage CPT in New York State, every year from 2008-2014.

In 2015, 2016 & 2017 Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® has been given the “MOBIUS” award by Valeant Aesthetics for being one of the top 5 Providers of Thermage CPT, Fraxel Dual, Clear & Brilliant Perméa treatments in the United States (out of more than 1,500+ US providers).

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® was chosen to be featured in numerous publications and media outlets for being the best and most experienced at laser skin tightening, body reshaping, cellulite reduction and body contouring on Long Island.


The Perfect Body Difference:  

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® is the preeminent provider of: 


Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® eclipses the competition by providing experience, clinical sophistication and competence in conjunction with a consistent reputation of excellence through RESULTS. These are accomplishments that can only be earned and not bought. Our seasoned staff of ANP’s, Aestheticians, Nurses and Directors have over 40+ years of combined aesthetic laser skin care experience.

With millions of dollars invested in the newest FDA approved lasers and national recognition in skin tightening and body contouring, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® is the smartest choice you can make when it comes to non-surgical, non-invasive, laser skin care on Long Island.

The best aesthetic equipment is useless in the wrong hands, just as the best hands are useless if you are receiving the wrong aesthetic equipment. Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® in Bay Shore, NY offers its clients BOTH experienced care AND the newest and most effective technology, period. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics,  home of No Needles, No Cutting and NO down-time® .


There Are Imitators Out There.  Choose Wisely.

Generally speaking, people want a great deal. When you are putting your body in the hands of a professional, experience and reputation should be your first deciding factor. Ask yourself, why does a reputable business need to use cut-rate tactics, coupons, bait and switch $49 hair removal ads or Groupons to attract clients? The answer is quite simple. These laser hair "operations" don't have the clientele or reputation to sustain any repeat business, so they use Groupon or "bait and switch" ads to attract a less-savvy clientele, who are only dollar-loyal, and typically not bothered by or unaware of the second class services being offered.

Many laser operations offering no-frills, Groupon rate services typically lack the combination of experience and technology needed to offer safe, effective treatments and results. The clients of Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics ® continue to grant their loyalty to attractive, differentiated products and services and refuse to be “bought” even with a really deep discount.

After all, customers will grant their long-term loyalty to exciting, differentiated, exceptional, attractive, alluring, surprising products or services. They will be loyal to those with whom they fall in love. Ultimately, money cannot substitute for love. Just as it is in one’s personal life, the eternal rule remains true: love trumps money every time...

You deserve better!